Whether you want a light, medium, or a dark film for you car, 3M color stable Auto Film is guaranteed to last longer than other films. 3M Color Stable Film is very durable and scratch resistant. It blocks up to 99% of UV light to provide you with a Total Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Our films are non-metalized and will not interfere with your mobile devices, GPS, or satellite radio.

3M window tint increase your vehicle’s profile and value. It keeps your cooler and reduces glares significantly, making driving a lot safer. 3M window tint is cost effective option because our 3M films lasts much longer and will decrease the chance for your interior to fade quickly. All our 3M films are installed by Authorized Dealers.


3M Color Stable 35

  • Total Solar Energy Rejected – 40%
  • UV Rejection – 99%
  • Visible Light Transmitted 56%

3M Color Stable 20

  • Total Solar Energy Rejected – 51%
  • UV Rejection – 99%
  • Visible Light Transmitted – 79%

3M Color Stable 5

  • Total Solar Energy Rejected – 57%
  • UV Rejection – 99%
  • Visible Light Transmitted 90%

Will 3M Color Stable Turn Purple?

Over time due to harsh ultraviolet rays and heat, window films’ dyes break down. 3M Color Stable Film has more UV coating and is a higher quality film that will not turn purple. It has nano-carbon technology coated throughout the film to fight that purple effect.


Benefits of 3M Window Tint 

  • Scratch resistant coating
  • Absorbs sun’s energy
  • Long lasting
  • Reduces direct sunlight from getting into your vehicle
  • Lifetime warranty