Benefits of ceramic coatings

Prescott weather can be brutal to your vehicle’s exterior, whether from excessive sun exposure, dust storms, or driving through salt and cinders spread on the roads to melt snow. Immaculate Auto Detail shares how to protect your vehicle and describes the benefits of ceramic coatings.

What are ceramic coatings?
Ceramic coatings are the latest and most innovative products on the market today to protect the paint on your vehicle. These coatings create a bond with the surface creating an extremely tough protective layer, shielding your vehicle’s surfaces from the harsh elements of the environment.

How do coatings work?
At the microscopic level, every surface has “peaks and valleys”. Coatings have very short peaks and valleys so that when they are applied to your vehicle’s paint, they adhere and form a protective layer, leaving the top of the surface with a durable layer that is highly resistant to the elements. After the coating application, the surface will have the ability to repel water and will feel smooth to the touch.

How long do coatings last?
The longevity of glass and ceramic coatings depends in part on the type of coating you choose. There are single application coatings as well as multi-level applications which give better hardness and durability. Another factor that impacts longevity is how well you maintain your vehicle after the coating is applied. We recommend once a coating is applied, you bring your vehicle to us for washing maintenance, or on a quarterly or bi-annual basis to maintain the coating and apply an extra layer of protection to keep your paint in the best possible condition.

The biggest consideration after a coating is applied is how your vehicle is maintained. If your vehicle is sent through a tunnel car wash or a hand wash service that uses harsh soaps, abrasive detergents or brushes, this can compromise the coating’s lifespan as well as increase the risk of scratching the vehicle.

Whether your car is coated, waxed, or sealed, proper maintenance is the key to maximizing the longevity of the protection.

Immaculate Auto Detail, your local Prescott auto detailer, wants you to be aware of the benefits of ceramic coating to protect your paint job from the elements and help maintain the value of your vehicle. To schedule an appointment for a free estimate for automobile, motorcycle, RV, boat or airplane detailing, call Immaculate Auto Detail today at (928) 299-0060.

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