Detailing vs. a car wash

Immaculate Auto Detail, your local Prescott detailing service, discusses detailing vs. a car wash.
Immaculate Auto Detail is Prescott’s full service auto detailing service providing a world class experience and excellent results.
There’s a tremendous difference between a general car wash and getting your car ‘detailed’ – and the name says it all. If you want your car looking its very best, Immaculate Auto Detail, your local Prescott detailing service, explains why detailing is much more than a car wash.

Car Wash

Car wash vs. detailing
A quick and easy car wash gets rid of most of the dirt on the outside of your car, if you don’t count the tires, bug goo and fenders, etc. and will pick up some of the mess on the inside with a fast vacuum, dusting, and window washing. Car detailing takes cleaning to a whole other level. Typical car washes take about 10 to 20 minutes from washing to drying and results in, ‘It’s better than it was’. You can expect it to take at least two hours for your car to be detailed and the results might make you think your car just came off the showroom floor.

After an exhaustive and comprehensive exterior washing including your tires, wheels, and wheel wells, your technician will move on to the paintwork to buff out any light scratches, swirl marks and oxidation. The most time-consuming aspect of detailing your car can often be polishing and waxing your paintwork. The remaining factors of your car’s exterior including rubber components and glass are meticulously cleaned to leave the entire exterior sparkling like new.

All of your car’s upholstery and carpeting is vacuumed and shampooed to remove any dirt and stains. Leather interiors are scrubbed clean to remove any ingrained dirt and then conditioned to give your interior long-lasting life. The dash, air vents, cup holders, doors, interior compartments and mats are all cleaned to their original condition. All interior glass is also cleaned and polished to a shine.

Cleaning the engine compartment can help identify engine problems easier and faster. And if you’re selling your car, a clean engine compartment can make a big impression on how well maintained your car is.

Immaculate Auto Detail understands that most people can’t spend the time it takes to keep their car in its best condition. We provide superior automotive detailing in Prescott for all makes and models. To restore your vehicle to its very best, call the experts at Immaculate Auto Detail at 928-299-0060. To request an estimate or learn more about our services, including our mobile detailing service, visit

The importance of car detailing

Immaculate Auto Detail, your local Prescott auto detailing service, shares the importance of car detailing
Trust Immaculate Auto Detail, your local Prescott detailing service, to completely restore and renew your auto, boat, motorcycle, RV or airplane back to its new condition.
Having your car detailed helps to keep up the value of your car, keep you comfortable while you’re driving, and save you from unnecessary embarrassment when you need to provide an unexpected lift to friends or neighbors. Immaculate Auto Detail, your Prescott car detailing experts offers a little more ‘detail’ in the importance of detailing your car.

A good exterior detailing is meant to ensure that your car’s outside surface is protected from the elements and protected from damage. Keeping the exterior in excellent condition requires protecting the paint – and the best way to do that is by the application of a wax or sealant. Having your car waxed or sealed at least twice a year will help protect the paint from oxidation and fading.

Interior detailing also preserves your car’s interior by thoroughly cleaning and conditioning the leather, dash, carpeting, and upholstery. Arizona’s sun is notorious for drying out and cracking a car’s interior features. Immaculate Auto Detailing’s meticulous attention to detail not only preserves the interior but also increases passenger comfort. Who wants swirling dog hair when you turn on the heat or A/C – or to lean on a filthy arm rest? And if you find you are unexpectedly picking up your boss or – yikes! future mother-in-law – the first thing you don’t want to do is apologize for the sticky residue from the vanilla shake you spilled four months ago.

No one wants to ride in or buy a dirty car. Immaculate Auto Detail is the perfect way to keep your car protected, clean, and comfortable. Whether you just want to keep your car in great shape or are getting ready to sell it, call the auto detailing experts in Prescott. Call Immaculate Auto Detail today at 928-299-0060, or visit

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