The difference between waxing, sealing, and ceramic coating

Trust Immaculate Auto Detail, local Prescott auto detailer, to apply a durable ceramic finish to your vehicle and help preserve the value of your car or truck.
Ceramic coatings are the optimum form of protection against UV rays and the harsh elements in the environment. Think of coatings as a layer of clear coat applied on the clear coat of your vehicle, only stronger and harder, for a more durable finish. Immaculate Auto Detail, your local Prescott auto detailer, discusses the difference between waxing, sealing, and having a ceramic coating applied to your vehicle.

Wax adds a natural and beautiful shine to paint, but its UV protective properties can be less than effective unless it is pure carnauba wax. Even with genuine carnauba wax, your vehicle’s surface will only be protected for a few months. Wax as a sealant is not solid, meaning as you drive your vehicle, small particles of dirt and debris can attach to the wax, penetrate the surface, and be lodged there.

Synthetic sealants are polymer-based which adhere and bind to clear-coat. They are purposely designed for longevity and protection against UV Rays and the harsh elements of our environment. They can last anywhere from two months up to nearly a year, depending on the product you use. Sealants add a deep shine in addition to protection and water repelling properties.

Ceramic Coating
Coatings offer the highest level of protection and shine when compared to waxes and sealants. At a minimum, coatings should last six months. Higher quality coatings can actually outlast your vehicle with proper maintenance. The extremely durable properties of the coating make bird droppings, sap, and bugs all easy to remove, and minimize the damaging effects these elements can produce. Another amazing characteristic of coatings is their scratch-resistant properties. With a ceramic coating, the surface of your vehicle will stay cleaner longer. After a wash, your vehicle will still have the same new car shine it did when your coating was applied.

Let us help you protect your vehicle’s exterior – and its value – by applying a ceramic coating. Immaculate Auto Detail is your local Prescott detailer providing detailing services for your automobile, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, or airplane. Our mission is perfection with every job! For a free estimate on a ceramic coating for your vehicle, contact us today at (928) 299-0060.

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